About Renova


Renova is a Portuguese brand manufacturing hygienic products. It has not only gained a great popularity in Western Europe but also in the USA.

Renova is prized for quality, precision, originality and innovation of its products.

Renova is a manufacturer of black toilet paper, which is the most exclusive and sexy paper in the world… Undoubtedly, it is a very special product.




  „Providing consumers with pleasure, harmony and comfort”


Renova is modern, exclusive, unique, intriguing, sensual, and sexy …

Renova sets new trends and breaks old standards. By designing seemingly prosaic things, like toilet paper, in unique way, Renova shows us that even the simplest things in our life can be beautiful.

Renova inspires, surprises, and sets in amazement.

Renova makes products that are innovative and stimulating.

Renova makes the most elegant and trendy toilet paper in the world. You will find it in the most luxurious restaurants, hotels or beauty salons in New York, Paris, Milan and Madrid.

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