Learn the magic of colours

It is widely known that colours have therapeutic properties. Do you know that red clothes can add you confidence, whereas, blue bedroom walls can make you calmer?

Colours influence our mood, energy level, creativity, and general well-being. That is why Renova is one of the ways to improve the quality of life.

Check the power of colours with Renova!

Renova breaks trends and standards, showing a completely different perspective on this seemingly mundane product, which is toilet paper. Coloured toilet paper will be a surprising and original element of any modern bathroom.


Renova is the manufacturer of black toilet paper, which without a doubt is the most exclusive and sexy paper in the world.

magia-kolorow-plakatBlack colour is strong, but also mysterious and closed to the world. Depending on the occasion, black can add strength or create barriers. For many, it is considered as the most elegant out of all colours. Black is alluring, sensual and sexy. Moreover, it perfectly fits with almost any other colour, giving it more serious and authoritative appearance. A person who identifies his/her nature with the colour black is strong, independent, disciplined, self-confident and gifted with strong will. Such person is not prone to manipulation.



papier-rozowyPink symbolises female gender. It is often considered to be a colour for young girls. It is strongly associated with fun, joy and happiness. It can stimulate the body and calm the nerves. People who love pink are generally romantic, sensitive, kind and honest.

is the colour of positive energy and a proven tool in fighting winter solstice. This colour does not only add more energy to interiors, but also to people who inhabit them. Renova enables us to inject a bit of this positive energy into our daily routines. A person who identifies his/her nature with orange colour is active, energetic, impatient and well organized.

papier-niebieskiBlue is the coldest out of all colors. Associated with open space, water, sky, and sea, it has a positive impact on our well-being. Blue can sooth the senses, calm the mind, and improve the quality of sleeping.

People who choose blue, have good perception, lush imagination and analytic mind.

symbolizes passionate love and hot feelings. It may be helful for those who feel tired and those who lack the will to fight. Simultaneously, it is a colour for people who are always hungry for success and sensation. People who like red are usually ambitious, courageous and energetic. They generally have a strong character and determination that enables them to compete and  win.


papier-zielonyGreen stands for balance and stability. Green surrounding calms down and restores vitality. If you like the colour, you are probably sociable, friendly and emotionally stable.
Light green represents loyalty and fidelity, also in relation to your partner.

encourages to the action, betters the mood and increases self-esteem. It adds more optimism and confidence.
People who like yellow are generally sociable, communicative and open. It is the colour of hope and optimism.